Full Circle

2012 02 23 002
Full Circle

Horses are a recurring favorite subject for me in carving, sketching, photography, etc.  I’m not sure what the inspiration for this piece was other than the fact that I had a round circle of pine to start with. To begin, I thought about a subject (maybe a horse) relief-carved into the center of the piece with some type of border. What would the border look like? Horses? No, that would be too busy and clash with the central figure. Eventually, after obsessing on the border for a while, the only solution seemed to be simple. Carve the border, and forget about the central theme. Bingo.

Woodcarving in pine, stained. Approximately 24″ in diameter and 1.25″ thick.

Available for $189.00 plus shipping (free delivery in So. Calif)


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