Still here

I haven’t posted in quite a while due to a fairly big life change. My wife and I decided that we would end our lifelong California residency and move to the Northwest. I packed up my workshop into a pod in the Spring, we sold the house, and left California at the end of July.

We are in our new home in Oregon now, but I won’t have a shop built and ready for use until likely next Summer. We lived in our motorhome with the three dogs for our first two months in Oregon while we house hunted. While in that situation, I felt the need to handle wood in some form, and lacking my carving tools, resorted to using my pocket knife on a piece of water polished wood found on the riverbank where we were staying. I didn’t develop this piece beyond what you see because the wood was just so darn hard!

I hope to find time to work on some small pieces while remodeling the house and building the shop, so see you soon ( hopefully)!


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