I’m calling it. This piece is finished. After going in a couple of different directions, I finally settled on a monotone look for the carved area. I then used rusty hardware to hang it from an “aged” walnut beam I made for it.
“Bison” is for sale, I will entertain offers.

Media; Maple slab, carved and painted in artist’s oils. Approximately 72 inches wide, 30 inches tall.


A Passion for portals


A front door should make a statement and I don’t care what kind of statement as long as it isn’t boring. For me, at my house, I wanted to showcase my love of carving animals. I have always enjoyed carving horses, and since I am from “Horse Town USA” (also known as Norco, California), this Clydesdale was the perfect choice for our front door. I designed, built, and carved this one-of-a-kind American cherry door. I can create a special door for you as well.

Price will be quoted based on scope of project, complexity of design, type of material, and expected level of carving difficulty. I can work with you on a door design using your inspiration, or mine.



This piece is from about five years ago. After seeing some of these awesome beasts in a wildlife documentary, I was intrigued by of all things, their wrinkles. I wondered how to translate them into a relief carving. So I tried and this is the result.

Medium; Carved wood (repurposed wood, possibly ash). Approx. 20″ long, 8″ high, and 1″ thick.


Contact me to purchase and for shipping quotes to outside of So. Calif. (Free delivery in So. Calif.).

On The Rocks

This piece is from several years ago that was inspired by a cougar siting I had in the hills near my home. The siting was only one cat, but sometimes I tend to exaggerate a little.

Medium: Wood carving in solid pine, then covered in artist’s oils. Approx. 20″ inches X 10″ X 8″ thick.

$375 plus shipping.

Contact me to purchase and for shipping quotes to outside of So. Calif. (Free delivery in So. Calif.).


Neverending Story

This Bison project seems to have become a never ending story. Of course, I do keep putting it aside to work on other things. I really need to finish this as it is taking up a lot of room. When finished, it will hang from a hand hewn beam on the wall, but for now it occupies a six foot long swath of valuable studio/shop space.

I decided that in addition to carving this scene in relief, I would revisit an old passion of mine, oil painting, and paint over the carving. You can see part of that process here. Before I am finished, I think I will white out the painting a bit to give the appearance seeing the bison through a mist or fog.